Welcome to Miraheze

Hello, , and welcome to Gamelollipop!

For more information, please see the Miraheze FAQ on Meta Wiki. If you have any additional questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to see Meta Wiki's help center. Local wiki assistance may be available at Help:Contents.

You are encouraged to create your user page, whether here on Gamelollipop (visible only when on Gamelollipop, or your global user page that visible on any Miraheze wiki where a user does not have a local user page and provided that the wiki has the GlobalUserPage extension enabled and, additionally, where the wiki is not using the SocialProfile extension. Should you decide to create on Loginwiki and wish for it to replace your Gamelollipop user page, simply add the {{delete}} template to the top of your Gamelollipop user page</includeonly> by copying and pasting this code ({{Delete|1=Author requests deletion}}), and an administrator should delete it promptly (usually within 24 hours).

If you have any questions, after first reviewing Meta Wiki's FAQ and help center, you may be able to ask for local wiki assistance usually at Project:Community portal, but please be sure to end all new topics or replies you make on talk pages, user talk pages (like this one), and noticeboards with four tildes () to include both (a) a username and (b) a properly formatted timestamp for our talk page archiving bot.

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